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What are Vaccines risks?

  • Do Vaccines have side effects?
  • Are Vaccines Mandatory?
  • What are the facts I’m NOT being told?
  • Do I have a choice NOT to vaccinate?
  • Are there organizations that can help
    and support my decision?
  • What other kind of science is available?
  • What books or articles should I read?
  • Which websites have extensive details,
    reports and explanations?
  • How does our government process
Get answers to these Questions:

Read about how doctors report death, brain
inflammation, and subdural hematomas as
COMMON vaccine reactions in mice!

Learn about the effects of MERCURY --
how it affects the brain, learning disorders,
PDD, ADD, SIDS and Autism!

Discover the REAL ingredients --
ontaminants & carcinogens like:
formaldehyde, Mercury, Tributylphosphate...
and horse and pig blood.

Hear from Doctors who report the truth
about vaccine side effects!

Understand the inequity, unfairness and
difficulty in proving a vaccine reaction under
our government’s guidelines!

Find out where to go to get current
information on state laws, exemptions,
health freedoms and alternative medicine!
Quote from Report:

"It is stunning to realize what
kinds of left-over,decomposing
particles are all compounded into
a needle and injected into the
innocent bodies of young

If the public, especially
parents, knew
what these
ingredients were and what they
capable of, there would be a very
high demand of accountability!

These ingredients should be
listed on school immunization

Wouldn't that make a
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*The Intention Behind this Report:

This Vaccine Risks Report was compiled from over 50
books, essays, articles and interviews.  All of the information
is currently available in books, periodicals, and    through
scientific journals and reports.   Many of the statistics,
quotes, and detailed information can be found on the
Internet now,  through websites and search engines.
However, I have gathered what I believe is to be the most
informative, interesting and thought provoking evidence and
literature already for you!

As an advocate for natural healing and alternative
health, I believe that we are capable of combating
disease through various  healthy, non-invasive
ways.  Good health depends on vitality, nutrition
and an excellent respect for how our body works.
Although I have found that there are many books
and websites dedicated to having a healthy and fit
lifestyle, I found that much of   the information
about preventative health care was based on out-
dated, older material—especially when it came to

Nowadays, people are discovering that they    
have the right to know about vaccine risks and
dangers.  Although they may not exactly know
“why” they are asking,  they trust enough to know
that there must be a reason behind their question.  

Too often parents are coerced through scare   
tactics or sensational headlines—frightened to
upset any doctors or “tip” the    apple cart.

Parents who choose NOT to vaccinate are too
often ridiculed, criticized and blamed for    not
following vaccine protocols. There have been
cases where Children’s Social  Services and
Protection Agencies have unfairly stepped in,
accusing a conscientious   parent of neglect or
even abuse for not vaccinating their child.

This report is intended to help inform, clarify   and
expose the truths, myths, and injustices with
regards to vaccines.  It is also  a guide to help
refer the reader to other sources of information --
books, resources and other websites.

Good Luck & Great Health!

Garrett Goldenberg

Writer & Health Advocate
Edited by Cindy Goldenberg, Alternative Health
Expert, Speaker and Advocate for Human Health
Rights, Informed Vaccine Consent & Alternatives.
Television & Radio interviews include: NBC's "The
Other Side," "The Susan Powter Show", CBS
Radio with Dave Ross, and many other independent
cable and radio shows.

Cindy promoted alternative health choices after
pioneering a cure for her own son from debilitating
vaccine injuries. She is recognized as an
international children’s health rights advocate and a
valuable support for children’s research.

"I have witnessed first hand and for too
many unfortunate years the horrors of
vaccine side effects. From mild learning
disorders, to chronic respiratory and ear
infections, to diabetes, to
developmental and physical delays,
these conditions have now become
epidemic. I have seen and known the
faces of the parents who are now lost,
searching for answers for their learning
delayed and immune compromised
children. The stories are the same -- their
once normally developing children no
longer have speech, can no longer
appropriately interact with their parents
and other children, and now have many
processing and behavioral disorders.
Diligent mothers, who only ate organic
and natural foods while pregnant,
succumbed to vaccinating their babies,
only to have a myriad of physical,
emotional, and behavioral disorders.

Getting informed isn't about battling the
system, it's about trusting your God-
given intuition that something may not
be 'just right' for your child.
Chiropractors, mid-wives, alternative
medicine doctors and therapists have
always known about vaccine dangers
and risks.

Finally, this hard to find information is
becoming more and more available --
because there is a great demand for the
truth. More and more parents and
individuals are taking their power back
and making their own decisions
regarding their health and their legal
choices. You deserve to ask, you deserve
to doubt, and you deserve to know your
health rights and choices!"

Her pioneering efforts provided an important
foundation which is still being used today by leading
experts in many autism, learning disability, and
handicapped children's

Cindy holds a B.A. Degree in Communications from
the University of Southern California, has attended
Southwestern Law School, and has worked in the
film and entertainment industry. She now resides in
Southern California, lectures on motivational and
spiritual empowerment topics, and is still an active
member and supporter of children’s charities that
support vaccine risk information and informed
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*Disclaimer:  The decision to vaccinate yourself or your child is
YOUR decision. You have the right to know everything there is
about vaccines-- what they are made of, how they work, and
how our legislative process works.  First and foremost, no one
can make this choice for you.  With that said, it is your
responsibility to know everything you can about this subject.

It is also your human right NOT to vaccinate—no one can make
you have any medical procedure which carries the risk of injury
or death without your informed consent and approval. All states
have at least one legal exemption for vaccination.

This report is for informational purposes only and should not
be construed as medical or legal advice. Always consult a
professional doctor, or attorney, ones you can trust and
confide in for any treatment, procedure or consultation. The
author, website creator, or anyone affiliated with this report
cannot be held responsible for any outcome or choice made
from here within.                      ***
Copyright Garrett Goldenberg 2010 all rights reserved
What the Big Drug
Companies Don't Want YOU
to Know About SHOTS...
This 23 page special Vaccine Risks Report is an
easy-to-read "Adobe PDF" file that you will download to you
computer instantly with one click. Your bank or credit card
statement will show a charge by
ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM.
The Vaccine Risks Report saves
hours and hours of hunting
on the internet, and
hundreds of
on the hard
work has already been done
New York Review of Books:
Flu Warning: Beware the Drug
-Helen Epstein
May 12, 2011